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Abesedario [Core]

The core of Bernas Estocadas is in the Abesedario. You will learn the 12 strikes, 12 blocks, stances, footwork, forms, and applications. Only solo baston is taught in this course. The grandmaster put a great amount of effort in teaching this in a foreign language which he has difficulty with but he was able to express and guide the movements clearly.



Pang-away is the level that completes the Solo Baston of Bernas Estocadas. In this course, you will learn the intricacies of using single stick and will appreciate more the importance of the Abesedario. The Opensa-Depensa is also enhanced here and now includes Counters, Multiple Counters, Evasion, Disarming, and Disarming with Multiple Counters aside from the 12 blocks introduced in Abesedario. You will find that the 30 Pang-Away techniques included here and developed by GM Bernas shows and teaches how Estocadas really works.

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