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Filipino Martial Art

the key to mastery is training and patience...

- GM Bernas

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Grandmaster William Bernas created a structured and progressive system of Filipino Martial Art derived from various traditional arts he learned in Negros. He has compiled all he learned into one complete system he called ESTOCADAS.

The system starts off with learning how to use the stick as an impact and thrust weapon from solo baston to doble baston then progresses  to espada y daga (sword and dagger) where the concept of the blade is then introduced. It then advances to just the dagger (daga) then doble daga. 

A separate system called Estokido deals only with knife (attack and defense). Then finally, hand to hand combat is taught whereby the same principles of espada y daga is still used. A special section for long stick is also taught in our system.

Estocadas can be summarized as a collection of drills and techniques that progresses from stick to blade to empty hands. These “estocadas” are a compilation of traditional martial arts from Negros learned by GM William Bernas from several Grandmasters in the region.

The primary influence of the system is the well known style of GM Hortencio Navales which every bastonero in Bacolod know as “pekiti tirsia” of which the Espada Y Daga is GM Bernas’ favorite.

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Well-Structured and Detailed Explanations

This is the core of Bernas Estocadas. We teach it right from the beginning (other systems teach their core at a later stage). Abesedario is now available online. 

Solo baston combatives. This is where the Abesedario is mostly seen applied. Practical sequences are taught and fighting strategies revealed in this course. This course is now available.

Doble Baston

This is Abesedario in doble baston and taught directly with Pang-away [combatives]. Learn how to fight with two weapons and prove that two is better than one.

Espada y Daga

This is where we introduce the beautiful art of Espada y Daga or Sword and Dagger. We explain here its use in fighting by showing practical applications. This is also a review in Abesedario and how to convert from impact to edge techniques.


A specialized course about knife. We will only focus on teaching how to defend against knife attacks. 

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Lineage is important in choosing your fma

The Estocadas of GM Bernas is primarily influenced by what he learned from GM Hortencio Navales. He further honed his skills by training with his kumpare and teacher, GM Romeo Postrano who happened to be also the top student of GM Navales during their time in the Navales Arnis Clinic.

Prior to this, he has already learned “baston” from his grandfather, Ciriaco Canillo, and from his uncle, Alfonso Brinquiz, who were both reputable bastoneros in their hometown of Escalante.


Known in Bacolod to have used the name "Pekiti Tirsia" as his style of fighting. Please do not confuse with Pekiti Tirsia Kali.

GM Romeo Postrano

The top student of GM Navales who was assigned to teach GM Bernas when he entered the Navales Arnis Clinic.

Alfonso Brinquiz

Uncle of GM Bernas who taught him a style of baston from Escalante, his birthplace which is located in Negros Occidental.

Ciriaco Canillo

Grandfather of GM Bernas who first introduced him in the art of arnis.

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A demo on what you can learn from Bernas estocadas

GM Bernas can teach the following:

1. Solo Baston
2. Doble Baston
3. Espada y Daga
4. Daga
5. Daga y Daga
6. Empty Hands
7. and more…

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